Who We Are


Argentia Orientals was born from our true passion to preserve the health and refinement of the Oriental Shorthair  (OS) and Siamese (SI) breeds. After first being introduced to the OSH back in 1996,  we quickly realized that this breed exhibited the  spunk and spontaneity we were looking for.  As such, we were privileged to acquire our first Oriental Shorthair, Salem, in the year 2000. Salem quickly taught us about this breed’s elegance, loyalty, and intelligence.  From this point forward, we endeavoured to have our own cattery at some point in the future.


As a practicing pharmacist, I also became intrigued with pedigrees and their connection to the health, type and temperament of the breed. With the generous help of many mentors and after careful line selection, we began the adventure of Argentia Orientals in 2010 and acquired our foundation breeding queen and stud. We attended our first TICA show, where we learned of the importance of networking with fellow breeders, judges, exhibitors and spectators. A special thank you to Nancy Jo Bueno, whose limitless expertise and invaluable advice continues to inspire us.   


Argentia Orientals firmly believes in breeding quality over quantity and we strive to produce healthy, happy and well-adjusted fur babies whether they be for pet, breeding or show. Kittens are born and raised in our bedroom and are introduced to the household when they are approximately 10 weeks old. Kittens leave for their forever homes between 14-16 weeks of age.  We carefully screen potential pet owners to ensure that our exceptionally high standards for kitten comfort and care are maintained. To learn more about the importance of connecting with a trustworthy breeder, please visit Why Adopt From a Reputable Breeder?

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