Kitten Information Guide


Our kittens are fed Orijen Cat and Kitten kibble, Stella & Chewy freeze-dried raw and Wellness Kitten wet food. Kittens are sent home with small amounts of this food to allow new owners to source it close to their homes. 



Argentia kittens use wood pellets for litter which can be purchased from a local hardware store. Kittens, however should adapt well to any litter. A word of caution re: clumping litter and its potential as a health risk to very young kittens if ingested.


Arriving Home

The long drive/flight and the stress of a new home may make kittens shy when they arrive. Families are usually very eager to integrate new fur babies into the household, but we always advise that kittens be isolated in a bedroom for at least a week so that they become familiar with their new surroundings and most importantly - with you! Food, water and litter in the bedroom together with lots of cuddles will allow your new babies to develop the trust and confidence they need to integrate with the rest of the family (fur and otherwise) with the least amount of stress possible. Don't be tempted to let them out of the bedroom too soon - no matter how persistent they may be! Enjoy bonding with them; it is time and effort well spent.


Vaccinations and Deworming

Kittens will have had their first two FVRCP vaccines when they arrive home. They will require a third dose of this vaccine roughly 3-4 weeks after their arrival.  We do NOT vaccinate against FeLV/FIV since all of our cats have been tested and are negative. In addition, there have been reports of fatal side effects with this vaccine. Aside from rabies vaccination and FVRCP boosters, we do not recommend any additional vaccines due to lack of efficacy data and/or potential risks. We include a copy of UC Davis's Feline Vaccination Guide in our kitten packages for both owner and veterinary reference. Our kittens are only dewormed once prior to going home since mom is dewormed just prior to breeding. As well, kittens and mom are isolated and/or have limited exposure to any of our other cars cats during their time with us so that any potential for cross-infection is eliminated.


Yes, Orientals and Siamese are Loud and Active!

We are very careful about educating anyone interested in an Oriental/Siamese; they will own you! They are highly intelligent, active, vocal cats who will be eager to greet you and beg for your loyalty. While each kitten/cat will present with their own unique personality, be prepared to enjoy the wonderful inquisitiveness that these breeds offer!


Contract/Neuter & Spay Agreement

Argentia Orientals will provide prosepctive pet owners with our Pet Purchaser Contract and Neuter/Spay Agreement for review prior to any kitten/cat purchase. We encourage all potential owners to read it carefully; questions and concerns are welcome and appreciated. 


Keep in Touch!

We contact all of our kitten & cat owners regularly to ensure all of our fur babies are doing well.  We love to see photos and hear about how they are growing & adapting. We have raised these babies as our fur children and care for their well being until the very end!


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